Baby Sitter

Baby Sitter

Professional baby sitter take care of your baby!

Baby sitting service for age of 6month above till around 5years old. Located in Kabira, you can use free transport by Umicoza. Safe enviromental for babies and comfortable facilities. Kids can play with many toys, and also can take a bath there.


Baby Sitter

Time 8:30am – 17:00pm (All year round)

Price1st day:JPY1.000/per 1hour 2nd day:JPY900/per 1hour *Discount for brothers and sisters: JPY1.600/per 1hour for 2kids

Things to bring hut, comfortable shoes, 2set of changing clothes *Children wearing diapers: please bring the wipes and five disposable diapers. *Child health record handbook & health insurance card if you have.

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