Lapis is located on top of a small face of the mountain where you are able to see the beautiful blue sea of Okinawa.

In our large site many tree grows where some of our trees grows citrus fruits, banana and guava fruits.

Maybe relax and enjoy the views of the ocean and the forest.

Around the shop there isn’t any other stores so you are guranteed to be face to face with the nature around you.



  • Coffee(Ice or Hot) 500yen(+tax)
  • Flavored tea(Ice or Hot) 500yen(+tax)
  • DAISENDORI chicken curry with sambal & pickles 1000yen(+tax)
  • Add a drink for 300yen(+tax) to your food order

Business day

Cafe Newly Open May 1st(irregular)

Open 11:00~16:00

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Access to transportation From Ishigaki International Airport it takes aproximatly 25 minutes. Rent a Car is usually the most effective way to come to our shop.

For the direction to our shop please use such app as Google Map.



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